Because of this fantastic comic by taiyari makes me do this…. and taiyari said “Go watch the opening and imagine Sandy and Pitch there xDDD” when I finish watching opening….I can’t hold myself!!!!!! but doing this!!!!!! O<-<

I choose some of the Chobits opening to do this.

This SHIP ruins my life!! O<-< 

Looking for series of ROTG Chobits Ver. (can I call them a series?)

Mine art

taiyari comic >_<„

Part1, Part2

During painting this

My roommate “you should do the animation of this…”

Me “seriously..!!? It’s gonna take time to do this!!!??? I still have a comic to done!!!”

My roommate “let’s ask people in tumblr who follow this ship” *grin

So, what do you guys think? Should I do animation of this???

Ps. I still can’t choose the color of the BG “Orz